How to Protect Your Hair for Spring Break

Spring Break is around the corner, and here at Patrick Taleb Salon in Weston, Florida, that means sun, beaches, pool parties and outdoor fun. But, with all the direct sunlight, chlorine water and humidity, spring break can be damaging to you locks.

We want you to protect your hair from these damaging conditions, so you’ll have beautiful and healthy hair all year-round. Before you head outside this Spring Break, consider these tips to protect your hair and keep it healthy:

  • Wear Protection: Direct sunlight on your hair can dry it out. Wearing a hat or scarf while you’re out in the sun is both stylish, and it protects your hair. This is especially important for color-treated hair, blondes and red-heads, as the sun lightens your hair color.
  • Use the Right Products: Like your skin, your hair needs sunscreen for protection from the sun. When you’re in an out of the pool and the ocean, you also need the right shampoo to get the chlorine and salt-water out of your hair, as well as a deep conditioner to moisturize your locks. Kérastase has a line specified for sun-exposed hair, which includes a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and their Huile Céleste protective spray that limits the negative effects of sun, chlorine and salt water, while also adding shine to your hair.
  • Indulge in Deep Conditioning: After being in the sun, nothing is more nourishing for your hair than deep conditioning treatments at the salon every 3 weeks. Kérastase has deep conditioning treatments that we also offer at Patrick Taleb Salon. Regularly doing these treatments will replenish your hair and repair sun, chlorine and salt-water damage, and the effects are immediate.
  • Dip & Rinse: Whether you go for a dip in the pool or the ocean, the best way to lessen the negative effects from the chlorine and salt-water on your hair is to rinse it out with fresh water immediately. Find an outdoor shower, and rinse your hair out thoroughly from root to end – that way the water won’t sit in your hair all day long and dry it out.
  • Try Dry Shampoo: Over-shampooing your hair does tend to dry it out. Since regular sun and beach/pool exposure during Spring Break can also dry your hair out, it’s a good idea to alternate washes with dry shampoo. Try L’Oreal’s Fresh Dust dry shampoo on days that you aren’t at the pool or beach.

Do you have lots of outdoor plans this Spring Break? What will you do to protect your hair from damaging effects of the sun, chlorine and beach water? Let us know in the comments below.


Protect Your Hair

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