Pipeless Pedicure Chairs: What You Need to Know Before Your Next Pedicure


When most people think of going to the salon to get a nice, relaxing pedicure at the nail salon, they usually don’t consider the possible bacteria and fungus that could result from this seemingly comforting and “clean” experience.

However, the risk of such infections is likely, depending on the pedicure chairs and tools used in the salon. But, there is a solution. While most pedicure units have jets, the solution is to go pipeless.

A traditional pedicure chair with jets has a pump and a network of pipes to create jets and water movement. The problem with this system is that they are both loud and hard to clean. This means that bacteria can build up inside of the pipes and transfer from client to client through the water.

A pipeless pedicure chair on the other hand, uses a propeller that moves the water within the tub to create the same jet feel without the noise and without water moving through the pipes where bacteria can collect.

This new trend in nail care provides clients an opportunity to receive the treatment they deserve and pay for in the most sanitary way. At Patrick Taleb salon in Weston, we focus on keeping up with the latest industry trends, while giving our clients the best experience in the best possible environment. So, introducing new, pipeless pedicure units at the salon was a no-brainer.

Now, our clients can enjoy the same experience in a clean and bacteria-free environment. Plus, our new, state-of-the-art pedicure chairs also include a full body shiatsu massage that create the ultimate relaxing experience for our guests.

So, next time you walk in to a nail salon for a pedicure, make sure your first question is “Do you have pipeless pedicure chairs?”

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